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Interview with Mr. Jetsetter (Read this before booking your next flight!)

David Fleming is a former TV reporter turned travel expert who runs mrjetsetter.com. He offers advice on the best ways to use frequent flyer miles to travel the world in style.  His motto: “Why spend $15,000 on a first class ticket when you can get the same seat using miles?” With all the different travel sites and frequent flyer programs, we took some time with Mr. Jetsetter so get some insite on the best way to travel.

What are the best days/time to book or fly?

When you’re talking about booking a paid fare (not an award ticket using miles) it’s long been said better fares can be found on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, returning the same days.  But I’ve found prices can actually fluctuate any day of the week. In this highly competitive travel industry where people can search for flights by hopping on the internet (as opposed to calling airlines one by one,) the best days to look for flights are everyday.  Keep your options open.

Does which browser you use when booking really make a difference?

I sure hope not! But I did recently read a report in the Wall Street Journal that said Mac users in certain cases spent 30% more for hotels booked on Orbitz, than PC users.  Orbitz says it’s not true!

Which airline has the best miles program? Or can you give us a rank of best to worst?

This is a question I get a lot. It really depends on where you want to go.  For travel in America and to/from Europe, I like United’s frequent flyer program.  It’s very easy to re-deem your United miles for flights on United or it’s partner airlines like Lufthansa (great for Europe) and Singapore Airlines (fantastic for Asia.) The worst miles program in my humble opinion is Delta’s. It is very difficult to find low-mile reward seats using Delta points.  However, you can sometimes find great values using Delta’s program for flights on Air France, between American and Europe.  British Airways’ Avios program is fantastic