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Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish


You know what I appreciate about Sally Hansen? They see a need in the nail industry and they address it. Whether it’s high gloss, quick dry, gel finish, nail art stickers… they are always on point and coming out with new innovative products. Their latest collection, Color Therapy tackles one of the biggest concerns I’m seeing today and that’s nail damage. With all the non-stop polish wear and more so gel manicures — I know a lot of you leave it on longer then the recommended one week and then peel them off instead of getting them properly removed, which leads to mega-damaged nails. And for all of us that want to give our nails a breather, but still have on nail polish, Sally Hansen has developed Color Therapy, a 38 piece nail polish collection. Featuring their patented Argan oil formula too nourish nails while delivering a a fade-proof, chip-resistant formula, the polish lasts up to 10 days.