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9 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts Sure to Please Dad!

Father’s Day is quickly approaching so there’s no time like this Sunday to give Dad some extra attention. Looking for the perfect gift can always be a challenge. Experiences (from a coffee tasting to wine tasting, taking in a baseball game or spending hours at the driving range) go a long way. There’s nothing quite like spending quality time with Dad (or planning a date) to ring in the holiday.

Sometimes, the best gifts are those that hardly cost anything, a handmade card or making Dad a playlist (if he’s like my dad though, opt for music from his generation–Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, rather then your modern day favorites). The other piece of advice I took from my dad in the gift giving department is opt for presents that go in or fit on their dresser. We did our best! Here’s 9 gifts to help inspire you to find the perfect gift for Dad.

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1. Watches! With the variety of fun watches out there, this staple father’s day gift always makes our list! And a great site to get learn about different styles or help you pick a look for Dad is watchco.com. Here are some of our current favorite styles (displayed left to right as seen above):