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Brooks Running Shoes Next Generation of Sneakers: Pure Drift

You don’t need to be a marathon runner to see that Brooks sure knows how to make a good shoe. Wednesday I got a sneak peek at Brooks Running’s “Pure Drift” – the newest design of the Pure Project line available in the fall. Drift boasts a flex groove sole which mimics the bare foot’s natural motion. It is the lightest weight shoe of the line, weighing in at only 5.1oz! The Pure Project collection was created to give runners more than just a way to exercise but an experience.

Not only were the shoes amazing, but Brooks has developed special night safety apparel that allows drivers to recognize a person in motion by outlining the silhouette of the figure.

My favorite part of the evening was the gait analysis station where the facilitator made me run on a treadmill for 30 seconds in order to measure my gait. By recording my movement he was able to calculate the degree and direction that my foot tilts and suggest the right kind of shoe for me!

{Yes, this is actually a picture of my feet in motion!}

180 degrees is a well balanced foot. I, on the other hand, have awfully flat feet, so shoes with the most support we’re suggested for me.

I came away with a fun goodie bag and stronger appreciation for the design of running shoes. This is the perfect motivator set to start getting me back on the road running.

The average price for Brooks running shoes run from $90-$140. For more information visit BrooksRunning.com

– by Pretty Connected Fashion Correspondent, Naomi