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VS launches new Body by Victoria and Love My Body collection angel style!

This morning I awoke to perfect weather, a gorgeous roof top, and supermodels and indulged in some yoga (poolside), polished off by a mid-morning massage. If only the next line of this post read “welcome to my life.” (A girl can dream…) This is in fact not my general routine — I’m not a morning person — however, when Angels, are involved, anything is possible!

{Morning yoga with Victoria’s Secret at The James Hotel}

And by Angels, I mean Victoria’s Secret supermodels Candice Swanepoel and Bregie Heinen. With the Angels on hand, Victoria’s Secret introduced my fellow editors and I to the NEW Body by Victoria bra collection which features vibrant colors and new lace in their Demi, Push-Up, Perfect Coverage, and Front-Close Razorback bra styles. As an extension of the collection, VS Beauty launched the Body by Victoria fragrance as the perfect compliment to the lingerie.