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Dry skin remedy: Bio-Oil

Post by Erika Mercado

On a recent trip to South Africa, I found my skin to be very dry so I set out to find a local product at the chemist;  I enjoy finding local remedies when I travel.  What the chemist had recommended was Bio–Oil. She let me try it on my skin and it quickly absorbed and had a good smell –I’ll take it!

I continued to use the product while in the South Africa and upon my arrival to NYC and it had done wonders- making my skin so smooth and even toned.    Thinking I could only get it in South Africa, I was surprised when to I found it at Duane Reade. Made with a no preservatives and a medley of good stuff (Vitamin A and E, Calendula, Lavender, and Chamomile oils) this summer my secret has been Bio-Oil.  I apply after it after the shower, and I’m good to go.  Great healthy skin, what else could a girl ask for?

Price: $19.99/4 fl oz., $11.99/2 fl oz.  For more information visit www.bio-oil.com

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