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Neutrogena Beauty Wonderland Chat with Emma Roberts

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On Monday night, Neutrogena threw their annual holiday party, turning Paintbox in SoHo into a glittering white “Beauty Wonderland”. The event, in partnership with Rogaine, Rembrandt, BaubleBar, and Band-Aid, was hosted by Neutrogena brand ambassador Emma Roberts. Between mini makeovers with Amy Oresman, holiday hairstyling with Neutrogena Brand Ambassador Sam Leonardi, and polishing our fingertips with Paintbox, we caught up with the gorgeous star of American Horror Story, Emma Roberts to chat about winter beauty!


PC: What is your #1 seasonal beauty transition tip?

Emma Roberts: “Keep using SPF! So many people stop using sunscreen in the winter for some reason. I’m fair skinned and I made the mistake once when it was overcast and I never will again! I burn at the sight of the sun. “


PC: Do you stick to a fall/winter routine?

Emma Roberts: “Yes, always stick to a routine. If you’re not washing your face every night, it’s going to make dryness worse. Wash your face nightly and put your moisturizer on every morning. Don’t ever forget to take off your make-up. That’s why I keep Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes in my purse, in my bathroom, and everywhere else so I have no excuse not to take it off.”

PC: What do you think of the “bare face” trend?

Emma Roberts: “I like the bare face especially because so many girls hide behind a ton of make-up. It’s nice when you have make-up on but look like yourself. You’re accentuating your features instead of hiding behind the product.”


PC: How do you achieve a natural look?

Emma Roberts: “I use Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup in Classic Ivory. You can use it all over your face but I also use it just as concealer under my eyes and around my nose and chin. Then, I use the Healthy Lengths Mascara. It’s so easy and looks naturally pretty. I also carry the MoistureSmooth Color Sticks in every color in my bag to change my look by my lip color. They are so sheer you can also layer them on top of each other.”

PC: Since you’re always traveling, do you do any beauty treatments on the plane?

Emma Roberts: “I see girls in full-face make-up and I’m scrubbing mine off in the bathroom. Since most beauty products get confiscated, I carry the Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes, which they can’t take away from me! Once, I saw a girl putting stilettos on to get off the plane and I was putting on fuzzy socks from Target. I wondered if I was missing something. “