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Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss: Steal Alert

When I first heard about Avon’s new Glazewear lip gloss with the headline ‘America’s #1 Lip Gloss’, the cynic in me somewhat rolled her eyes, thinking ‘aren’t they all?’  Regardless, I do love a good lip gloss and considering Avon sells 8 Glazewears every minute, I was curious to see what all the hype was about. Well go figure; they have a new life long customer since I have absolutely no intention of ever running out of Intense Plum, which now has a permanent home in my makeup case.

Glazewear comes in three forms, Intense (strong color impact with light sheen with medium to full coverage), Sparkle (shimmer and sparkle with sheer to medium coverage), and Shine (high luster with sheer to medium coverage), all in a variety of colors.  As I mentioned before my preference is the Intense line, however the formulas all feel the same when applied, it just comes down to your level of shine/coverage when choosing the right one for you.

What I like about Glazwear lip gloss is they are not sticky or tacky, and I’ve been wearing it all week and not once has it made it in my hair or teeth.  And yes, when I wear