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Alfred Kenney Event – FRIDAY 12/17

Last month, I posted about the launch of ultra chic jewelry line Alfred Kenney. Friday night (tomorrow), they will be hosting a holiday sale from 6-10pm at Perry Gargano’s Studio Shop in Brooklyn (Williamsburg). Have a drink, buy me a necklace and all will be merry! Okay fine, buy one for that special someone on your list. Enjoy!

Alfred Kenney Jewelry

I’m a fan of any girl that can do it all, but particularly ones who make it look effortless and do it with style. Which is why I’m pleased to announce the official launch of my dear friend, lawyer (wouldn’t have Pretty Connected trademarked without her!) and now jeweler, Christine Creamer’s new jewelry line, Alfred Kenney. Inspired by movement, Alfred Kenney manages to dovetail simplicity and elegance while still being completely edgy and modern. Which just