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“Affordable” Art Show – Now Open through April 22nd

Okay art fans, collectors, and decorators, it’s that time of year; the Affordable Art Fair kicked off last night in NYC. Running through April 22nd, the show features contemporary art pieces from over 75 galleries. Located at 7 West 34th street, there’s a bit of a battle to get through the lobby of the building. Once you do and make it to the elevators (and up to the 11th floor), it’s like teleporting out of midtown and an endless art gallery. Spacious, with booth after booth of an eclectic array of paintings in mixed mediums and limited assortment of photography and sculptures.


April 19th, 2012:       2 – 9 pm

April 20th, 2012:       2 – 9 pm

April 21st, 2012:       11 am – 8 pm

April 22nd, 2012:      11 am – 6 pm

The word affordable is always an objective term when it comes to art; you can expect pieces to run between $1k – $10k. For more information visit affordableartfair.com