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Abdi Assadi Talks Intuition at Norma Kamali’s Wellness Cafe

Abdi Assadi. Check out his book, Shadows On the Path

Fashion designer/icon, Norma Kamali is on a wellness kick. Well more then a kick, it’s a way of life. I mean look at her, she’s definitely doing something right (it’s probably the Organic Avenue diet and all of those Physique 57 fitness classes). Back in September she hosted “Conversations”, a dialogue on wellness solutions with notable speakers including, Twyla Tharp, Horst Rechelbacher, and Abdi Assadi, which I was very lucky enough to be apart of.  She’s additionally has been hosting various wellness events at her store (sign up for her mailing list to stay informed). Her latest, featured a speech by Abdi Assadi, spiritual advisor, acupuncturist, and author of Shadows On the Path, on intuition.

Abdi Assadi, Norma Kamali

I was first turned on to Abdi Assani over a year ago by my former roommate (and best friend) Mike, who ordered me his book, after I was going though some distress. Probably some ‘what’s my purpose in life crisis’ or freak out over my 16th breakup with my boyfriend at the time. If you’ve ever met Mike, you’d probably recognize his endurance level for any type of bullshit is at 0.05% –and even then, he’s probably only tolerating that much out of friendship. Mike was one of the lucky individuals who got through Abdi’s waitlist, and gets to see him professionally. An endorsement from Mike has more value to me than 3 Michelen stars, so needless to say, I’ve been

Meditation with Abdi Assadi

Tonight, I attended a group meditation session lead by renowned spiritual counselor and Shadows On The Path author, Adbi Assadi. I’ve written about Abdi in the past, he was one of the panelists at Norma Kamali’s “Conversations: A Dialogue on Wellness Solutions” seminar I attended at the Museum of Modern Art.

The session began with us using sage to smudge away negative energy on another member of the class; followed by Adbi leading us in a through a meditation sequence. I had a very rough week –I was out of commission due to an injury (hence I’ve a little quiet recently) and it felt really good to finally get out today and be apart of something so relaxing and mind opening.

To be apart of his next complimentary meditation session in New York City, sign up for his mailing list on http://abdiassadi.com/

Conversations with Norma Kamali

Thursday, I joined fashion designer Norma Kamali for the kicked off of her wellness series, “Conversations: A Dialogue on Wellness Solutions” at the Museum of Modern Art. “The planet we live on is not like it was at any other time. In order to survive fast food farming technology and the toxic environment, we must face our problems head on with practical solutions,” said Kamali. Change doesn’t happen over night but by educating her piers and spreading awareness we can all work together for a solution. So in front of a live audience, she showed a movie featuring two-minute conversations with notable experts in fitness, health, beauty and nutrition. Followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session.

Honored guests included choreographer, Twyla Tharp, founder of Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients skin care, Horst Rechelbacher, spiritual counselor and author of “Shadows On the Path”, Abdi Assadi, filmmaker of “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”, Joe Cross, vegan and raw food chef, Chef Matteo, and more (Nancy Shaw, Magen Banwart, Dr. David Colbert and Physique 57).

I thought over all the speeches we’re good. The highlight for me was Twyla Tharp telling the audience the most important thing is “to just move, our bodies just want to move”. Anyone who’s ever been through a rough patch knows how easy it is to emotionally give up and just not want to get out of bed. Ultimately, the only cure for that and to turn your life around in any capacity is to move.  Sometimes, it’s the simple things that we need reminding of. I could stand to start moving a little earlier in the morning.

I’ve also thought a lot about Abdi Assadi saying “everybody has a piece of the puzzle… no one person has the answer”, which is so true. I remember reading an article about actor Adrian Grenier, saying something along the lines of his biggest fear is all of his environmental initiatives have made no impact on the planet. For some reason that really stuck with me.  Can you imagine if