Happy Friendsgiving!


The month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is always my favorite time of the year because it’s all about family and friends and being jolly! Although it has been a lot for me lately and I’ve been mega failing on the friend front. In the past month I went from Lisbon to North Carolina, Cancun, and Boston (where I’m currently reporting from!) with only a few days in between to pack and unpack in NYC. After Boston I go straight to Miami for Art Basel, which means I’ve basically missed every major event in my friends lives over the past 2 months. And that’s probably been the toughest part of the otherwise exciting roller coaster of my life.


That said, there was no way I was going to miss out on hosting a Friendsgiving.  And you know what, I may even host a second one after Thanksgiving! I love to entertain but at the moment my apartment is buried in boxes of packages I haven’t opened yet and suitcases full of clothes that need to be properly unpacked. There isn’t enough cavalry in her majesty’s army to make my apartment presentable but that was no excuse. I’m an American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card Ambassador and since they offer a zero annual fee and back incentives – obvious answer to Friendsgiving was to take everyone to dinner!

friendsgiving-amex_2 friendsgiving-amex_3

Friendsgiving is about being with your sisters from another misters, your brothers from another mother and so I wasn’t about to let my messy apartment stand in the way of an Epic holiday or lose site of the focus of bringing friends together. So instead of the place cards, the epic tablescape, the pretty pictures of us in flawless outfits drinking fancy homemade recipes I wish I had time for (and fantasize about doing for my next Friendsgiving). I took that budget and my extended friend family to dinner at Bare Burger. The majority of our crew are vegetarians so it was the perfect spot for a totally down to earth, homey experience where everyone could be themselves and bask in the warmth of our friendship. Everyone could order and drink whatever they wanted and my American Express card took the stress out of the day and just let me enjoy my friends.friendsgiving-amex_4

It was just the break I needed and for my next one, I’ll definitely have my apartment in order to entertain.  I do love DIY projects and getting creative in my space. And for the anyone looking to host an Epic Holiday visit American Express’ epic holiday entertaining site, which features a new collection of holiday recipe’s and DIY inspiration each week.

Thank you to American Express for having me as an Ambassador and sponsoring this post!