Must Try: Pulsaderm Sonic Washcloth Review


When it comes to fashion week I always bring out the big guns of skincare to help deal with my lack of sleep, over intake of caffeine and more glasses of champagne then I care to admit. I’ve recently partnered with Pulsaderm, which offers a full range of skincare devices that I played with during the NYFW Beauty Bar Event.


Some of you saw me demo the Sonic Washcloth at the event on snapchat where I took off a models heavy body makeup, which was covering her back tattoo, in seconds. I took the device home (which ahem is only $45!) that day and considering how much makeup I was wearing – and with the heat – was melting into my pores, having the Sonic Washcloth, was the biggest saver.


I’ve been using it religiously every morning and night since – it’s a now a staple in my NYFW (and everyday skincare) routine. Available in a bunch of different colors (I have pink!), it’s great for travel and so easy to use. Just splash water on your face, apply your cleanser to the device and then use it on your face for 1-2minutes. Wash it off and you’re skin feels amazing. It helps face wash work more effectively! In clinical trials they found it cleans your skin 97% better than manual cleansing alone. I found a clear difference in how my pores and skin felt after using the same face wash with and without it after just one use. And it’s only gotten better throughout the past week.


I’ve owned several sonic devices but this is the first that doesn’t have a brush head I have to replace every three months. This is very convenient since I don’t want bacteria getting into my skin. Made with medical grade silicone and ultra-hygienic surface, there’s no fear of anything funky getting in contact with my skin. It’s ultra-convenient, especially since I’m on the go so much, I don’t have to worry about it getting dirty in my travel bag.

The brush is great for all skin types, sensitive included and has two speed settings; setting one, 5,000 pulses per minute in setting two does 10,000. It’s battery operated and water resistant so you can leave it and use it in the shower. The only other silicone brush I know of on the market runs upwards of $150 but this one is only $45!

The best part about Pulsaderm is that they offer a 90-day “Try Me” guarantee and 2 year product warranty so you can shop confidently on their devices.

Thank you Pulsaderm for partnering with me on this post!