Choupette’s Diary: Five Things


It’s no surprise that people come to me for advice on all things fashion and beauty – why wouldn’t they? As a social guru, I will be sharing my weekly five every Friday to keep humans in the know. Without further adieu, here is the first series:

(un) Blogger Maja Wyh introduced me to clothing label DRYKORN developed “for beautiful people” (yes, that’s their actual slogan). I don’t know if it’s that the clothing is perfectly modeled on Myh’s envious bod or that I’m overly eager for fall but either way, consider their online store bookmarked.

(deux) It’s never too early to start making my holiday wishlist for Daddy. The Neiman Marcus Christmas book is the stuff of legend and this year, they’ve outdone themselves with a $150,000 motorcycle that I’m dying to ride on the back of. Oh and Keanu Reeves comes with it…sort of.

(trois) This is Glamorous went back in time to 1989 when Vogue sent photographer Oberto Gili and editor André Leon Talley to visit Daddy Karl Lagerfeld at his villa, two apartments in Monaco, a château in Brittany, as well as homes in Rome and in Melun. Here’s a glimpse at Daddy’s Parisian hide-away.

(quatre) For those of you who don’t fly private, there’s La Compagnie – an all-business-class boutique airline offering business flights from New York to Paris and London. Between the award winning chef, premium wines and a private driver on arrival you won’t even notice you’re flying alongside other regular humans.

(cinq) Located on picturesque lavender fields,  Couvent des Minimes Hotel and Spa in Provence, France is a dream escape. The countryside ode to L’Occitane is a sprawling sanctuary with two pools, a seductive spa and 15 acres of verdant gardens. Feel free to bring your maids along – they deserve it too!