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My fur is flawless, my skin is smooth, and my eyes are as blue as the ocean. It’s no wonder I made more money on my two modeling campaigns last year than Cara. No harsh feelings dahhhling! Some of us just were blessed with natural beauty. For those of you not as lucky as moi, here are a few beauty buys to add to your daily routine.

Don’t worry, I didn’t animal test them on myself. My maid Madame Françoise was happy to be my test subject and she’s looking ravishing (if I do say so myself).

{SKINCARE} Tula – There are four boudoir staples: purifying face cleanser, face serum, day and night cream, and eye cream. Since not everyone can afford La Mer or La Prairie, Tula offers the luxury feel and effects with a smaller price-tag. Not only do they look expensive on your nightstand (don’t lie to yourself and say that doesn’t matter), but the foursome remove impurities, enrich with probiotics, even skin tone, and defy mother nature. Translation: After one month of consistent use, Françoise doesn’t look a day over 30 in human years!

Rating: 3 Paws of Approval

{SKINCARE} Herbivore Botanicals Brighten Mask – I radiate beauty and with Herbivore Botanicals Brighten Facial Mask, so does Françoise. Beautiful packaging? Oui! Glow Enhancing therapeutic oils of Neroli and Rose Geranium? Yes, it has that too! Plus, mixing the pastel powder with a little water makes you feel like a skincare alchemist and what woman doesn’t want that job?

Rating: 3 Paws of Approval

{BODY} Whish Body – The thought of hair removal quite literally makes my fur stand on end! Not known for her OCD bathing habits, Françoise could use a little help in this department. Whish’s Hair Inhibiting Gel Shave Savour is unlike any product I have seen in beauty cabinets; it’s not a greasy lotion nor does it smell like the 60’s favorite, Nair.  In gel form, the product is a quickly absorbent moisturizer used following your usual shaving routine to soothe skin and inhibit future hair growth. I know a few other Parisians who could definitely use this as well!

Rating: 2 Paws of Approval

{MAKEUP} Surratt Beauty – To complete this week’s Françoise makeover, I had her finish her look with Surratt Beauty Autographique Liner, Expressioniste Brow Pencil, and the Smokey Eye Baton. Mentored by Kevyn Aucoin, Troy Surratt is a celebrity makeup artist whose 2013 Barneys New York launch, led to a cult-following frenzy for celebrities and insiders seeking a modern take on Japanese-inspired makeup. From Adele to Charlize Theron and now my beauty cabinet, Surratt has staying power (literally).

Rating: 3 Paws of Approval

{OTHER} ISSA™ by FOREO – When I first noticed the overwhelming number of bloggers raving about the ISSA, I was skeptical. First, I wasn’t exactly sure what it was and to be honest neither was Françoise when she received it. Dare I say, I might have made her blush because of what she thought it was. Already a fan of the FOREO Luna, she trusted my judgement and gave the toothbrush (yes, toothbrush) for a spin…literally. With high-intensity pulsations and a more hygenic nonporous silicone, the ISSA boasts being the “first reinvention of the electric toothbrush in over 60 years.” Needless-to-say, that part is a snoozefest to me compared to how white Françoise teeth looked after just one week. We’re talking as white as my je ne sais coiffe!

Rating: 3 Paws of Approval

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