Choupette’s Dairy: A Chic Guide to Meeting Your Plus One

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As invites stream in for previews, galas, and spring fêtes, the dreaded plus one on the RSVP card seems daunting. Don’t spend your Friday night indulging in cake, which will only induce a sugar coma and possibly tears of self-pity. He doesn’t have to be a male model like Uncle Baptiste Giabiconi, but he does have to have a dapper style, savvy sense of humor, and cunning networking skills.

Don’t just bat your pretty blues and fluff your fur! The dating scene is more complicated than the Met Gala dress code. Here’s how to decipher the ever-changing dating scene:

Be approachable with a smile and exude self-confidence — Human men typically pick-up on simple social cues like a smile, but your body language must engage but not appear stand-off.

Don’t be afraid to participate in a witty banter — Show your playful yet intelligent side with a smidgen of satire and a dash of flirtation.

Dress the part — The less you wear, the less-quality of men you’ll attract. Sensuality isn’t in direct relation to how much skin you show.

Nobody is perfect — While you strive for the Disney fairytale and happy ending, no man is going to meet every bullet on your Prince Charming check-list. Never lower your standards but get to know a man before you make a rash assumption.

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