Choupette’s Diary: Mastering the Art of the VIP

Choupette Cartoon

Photo By PA, Original Source: Vogue UK

You may have gotten bumped to the front row because of a celebrity no-show, but that doesn’t mean you have Kate Moss on speed dial. Mastering the art of the VIP (Very Important Pussy) isn’t as easy as showing your lady bits when exiting a town-car, rather it’s takes effortless ease. Translation: You might not be cut out for the front of the line or front row.

Step 1: You are the company you surround yourself with — These aren’t necessarily the friends you call while crying about an ex, rather they are your entourage you Snapchat a photo of your Birkin with spilled coffee to, tagging it “Trés Horrible!”

Step 2: You’re only as valuable as your assets — Your assets include everything from your perfectly coiffed hair to the Loubs you climb into your personal jet wearing.

Step 3: No need for an invite because you’re the guest of honor — From the pool at the SoHo House to Hotel Meurice, the patrons are practically begging you to make an appearance. The key word here is appearance; give a few cheek kisses, compliment some couture, sip a glass of champs and be on your way (to the next soon-to-be-discovered hotspot).

Step 4: Master the air of aloofness — This is not a learned behavior. You either have it or you don’t. No explanation needed.

Step 5: When in doubt, ask yourself, WWCD (What Would Choupette Do?).

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