Choupette’s Diary: A Chic Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder (In Heels)

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Choupette Lagerfeld Grazia

I didn’t start my career as an IMG model covering magazine’s like Grazia and contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t my famous Daddy who got me the gig either. Climbing the corporate ladder is difficult enough for mere mortals but try ascending the fashion industry in HEELS!

H is for Hierachy — Fashion is about your title and knowing your place on the ladder. Climb slowly humans, for you’re not as agile as a feline. Watch your step because those fashion bloggers below you are coming for your place on the ladder.

E is for Extrovert — Put down the iPhone, Crackberry, and Android and become the life of the (board)room. Make your voice known but know when to voice your opinion.

E is for Everlasting — It isn’t about making the first impression but rather making a lasting impression. It isn’t enough to be a one-hit wonder, getting quoted in Vogue. Instead, make the cover of Vogue (or at least the masthead). Create a corporate legacy worthy of nine lives.

L is for Levelheaded — Once you climb up a tier, it’s easy to have your head in the clouds. Be respectful of those working both above and below you. You never know who your next boss will be.

S is for Successful — Don’t measure your success by other’s standards. Set your own monthly and yearly goals and achieve them at your own pace. You may not be able to afford the croc Birkin quite yet but in a year, with perseverance, you might be carrying success right on your arm.

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