Looking ahead to 2014 – Choupette (yes, the cat) joins our team, Makeovers, Nail Polish, and more!

what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail

Well we’re almost a month into the new year and having just spent the past month in Africa sans computer, I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on the past and do some planning for the future. For starters I have some big announcements!

1. As part of evolving my site in addition to our new makeover tool (have you tested it out yet? Upload your picture and try out some new makeup and hair looks !), we have a new columnist joining the team! The twitter handle behind the most infamous cat, yes, I’m talking about Karl Lagerfeld’s Choupette, @ChoupettesDiary will now be writing a weekly commentary on fashion! Stay tuned this week for his first post!

2. Coming soon! We’ll be sharing more in real time. I started my blog before Twitter and Instagram existed, back when blogs we’re pretty much the closest things to real time sharing. Now with these social networks sometimes I feel like by the time I’m blogging about it, it’s old news to my twitter and instagram followers. So my good friend, Makeda of the blog, Glamazon Diaries, and I are taking our joint twitter handle, @TrendandTweet to the next level. We will be using the handle to regularly host twitter parties and giving live access to the events we attend and the experts in our rolodex — so you can ask questions and get answers on the spot — not to mention we’ll be doing loads of giveaways. I’ll let you know when we officially launch, and will be sure to have a Trend and Tweet tab on the blog so you can follow our schedule of events and join the conversation!

3. I put up a quote yesterday for Martin Luther Kind, Jr. Day where he says, “Life’s most persist and and urgent questions is, what are you doing for others?” I can not tell you how much I want this to be the year, decade, lifetime question I not only ask myself but do something about. For the past few month’s I’ve been meeting with the non-profit, Dress for Success, which provides interview attire and career development to low-income women. I’m hoping in the coming months to finalize a fashion and beauty network for them where my blogger friends and I can combine our resources, from our readerships to our networks, to make a difference in these women’s lives. More to come on this once we launch!

4. I’m also very excited to develop some new ventures I’ve been working on! As some of you know I joined the original matte nail polish brand, Knock Out as a spokesperson at the end of last year (yes, that’s Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the homepage rocking our Flatte Black). We recently launched in Urban Outfitters and that’s just the beginning of all the exciting things to come!

So that’s what’s going on with me… phew! In addition to focusing on these new initiatives, I’ve also finalized my new years resolutions! Whether or not we keep them, I’m a firm believer of making them. Plus they say you have a greater chance of keeping them if you write them down.  This is an especially big year for me. Having recently turned 30, it feels like more then a new year, but a new decade. And there’s so much I want to accomplish and who knows if half of my plans will crash and burn or simply not happen at all, but it’s important to try. So here it goes…

1. Create an accomplishment list – I haven’t perfected the name but basically I want to create the opposite of a bucket list. Instead of things I want to do, I want a running timeline of amazing things I’ve done and accomplished with dates next to it. It’s so important to ignownledge ourselves and I move so quickly these days, it would be great to have a record of these moments instead of a scattered archive of them pocketed all over my social channels. 

2. Commit to a workout regimen and healthier lifestyle– I’m a total cliche, but I’m attempting to take on big running initiatives.  Three years ago I ran the NYC Half Marathon, two year ago it was Tough Mudder, last year it was Muderella and Color Me Rad. Believe it or not, I hardly trained for any of them, because I hate running. Getting myself into a routine has been one of my biggest challenges and something I’d like to change. My Brooks Running Pure Candence Sneakers have taken me through so much over the past year — most of the races I listed and beyond. As I start a new year, I start with a new pair, I’m excited to break in.

3. Get my apartment in order – wire it, re-furnish it and make it a home. I’m so on the go, I’ve never properly dedicated the time to really take it to the next level. There are pictures that need to be framed. Other’s that are framed but not even hung. It’s time to invest some time and $$$ in a makeover.

2. Take more classes – Art Classes, dance classes. Maybe an  SEO class, yoga class, or video editing class perhaps? I have always wanted to learn french in Paris. This is the year to read more, learn more and expand my horizons.

3. Travel more! I’m off to a great start. Having just spent the past month traveling through Uganda and Zanzibar, Tanzania, I’m hoping that’s only the beginning. It was my first time in Africa and I have so many more continents I want to see! As of right now, the only other trips on my radar is New Orleans next month and Palm Springs in April for my first trip to Coachella.

4.  Learn to ask and accept help – I’m one of those people that thinks I can do everything on my own. And it’s a terrible habit. Especially since there are so many wonderful people who constantly offer their services. I’m at a point where I can’t do it alone, especially if I’m going to make all of these big initiatives successful.

5. Think bigger. Dream bigger and create things with meaning. Inspire others. Enjoy every moment (or as many as possible). Always remain grateful. 

Happy January everyone!