Choupette’s Diary: A Chic Guide to #NYFW

FrontRowEverybody is a somebody. Whether you’re a blogger, a publicist, an editor, a “celebrity”, or a street style poser, there is a sense of entitlement that comes with New York Fashion Week. Unless you’re a Vogue editrix or your Daddy is Karl Lagerfeld, I suggest you leave the attitude at the Lincoln Center steps and follow my lead:

  • Make nice with publicists — Follow DKNY’s Tumblr and steer clear of said #ShowRequests if you don’t know the publicist or don’t have a blog following that has been written up on Business of Fashion.
  • Plan your schedule accordingly (or have your maid/personal assistant attend to it) — Rushing between shows isn’t good for your new Choos and undoes the blowout your DryBar stylist just coiffed.
  • Outfits must be borrowed, steamed, and scheduled accordingly — You’ve been invited for a reason, so prove you know how to dress for the occasion.
  • Carry only the essentials — Phone, extra phone battery, camera, notebook, Diet Coke, the latest issue of Women’s Wear Daily, a light snack, and (heaven forbid) a metro card if you don’t have a personal driver.
  • Never be early or on time — Fashion week shows are notorious for starting late, so spare your red soles and leave the running to the interns.
  • Ignore the celebrities — Let Getty, Garance Doré, and Patrick McMullan do their job. If you must snap an Instagram shot to prove you’re in the presence of icons, be discreet.
  • No talking, no clapping, or smiling during the show — Pretend your Victoria Beckham.
  • Don’t do the walk of shame — AKA walking back and forth in front of Lincoln Center in the hopes of getting in a style snap. It’s not a good look no matter what you’re wearing.
  • Network at the after-parties — Fashion Week is like summer camp, it’s a chance to catch up with your fellow insiders and to make connections for future projects. If you must chit-chat, make sure it’s over champs in the Mercedes-Benz lounge or after-party VIP room.

When in doubt, don’t crash or slap a publicist. It’s fashion week and everybody thinks they’re a somebody. Are you?

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