Choupette’s Diary: A Chic Guide to Dressing

In the city of lights and the mecca of fashion, there is one rule that trumps all: quality over quantity. Unlike “Americans” (yes, I use quotations to emphasize my detest for their clothing choices), Parisians are willing to spend an extra franc on a Chanel bag rather than take a rat-infested subway to Canal Street.

When women think of French fashion, they often allude to Mommy Coco Chanel and while she perfected the LBD, we must pay tribute to other Parisian women who have perfected the Je Ne Sais Coiffe:


Anna Karina – Originally named Hanne Karin Bayer (très faute) but thanks to Mommy Coco was renamed Anna Karina. You know you’ve perfected the heavy feline-inspired eyeliner, rattan toppers, sailor caps and berets when the Parisian fashion goddess renames you.


Jane Birkin – If only one of my nine lives I was jet-setting next to Hermès chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas, Maybe then, I’d be lucky enough to have a bag so envious that women would cat-fight over. Le Sigh*

Carine Roitfeld – If her quote about her upbringing doesn’t scream my twin, I don’t know what does! “ I’m not saying we were in diamonds, but very, very comfortable”.


—and we can’t forget the ultimate Parisian Pussy: Moi!

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