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Chatting Microfiber Towels on Amazon StyleCode Live

On the subject of healthy hair, I have two, okay maybe 3 major points that can drastically make a difference in it’s health — and that’s before even waiving a single hair product or supplement in your face. If you caught my segment for Amazon StyleCode Live, (13 minutes 50 seconds into the show, video clip above!), you saw me chatting about all the benefits of a Microfiber towel – hopefully after watching, I’ve convinced you to never use a conventional towel again.


Going for the Rose Gold with Kevin Murphy

I’m so obsessed with Kevin Murphy!!!!! I’ve admired his products for so long but getting the opportunity to spend the afternoon with him took my admiration to the next level. What an absolutely delightful person, who completely lived up to his hype. After months of struggling with my hair color — I loved being blonde but the colorists I was working with a few months back kept giving me weird highlights at the root and the intense black root to blonde highlight was not working for me at all. Expecting full well to walk into my color appointment with Kevin and ask for an ombre or some way of fixing the disaster that was my hair, he alongside his amazing Director of Color, Kate Reid had something else in mind: rose gold.

So in an unexpected turn of events, I got rose gold hair, with these beautiful highlights that gave my color and hair so much dimension.  I am obsessed! Kevin Murphy has such unique colors and vision, and this was the perfect tone for me. I love how they worked with me to create a custom color that worked for my skintone. Kevin Murphy also launched 5 new products for spring, four of which are available now with another launching in April. See below for details!

Long Sexy Hair

This post was sponsored by Sexy Hair through their partnership with ShopStyle Collective. While I was compensated to write a post about their Sexy Hair products, all opinions are my own. 

The only thing I want more than Sexy Hair is Long Sexy Hair! Especially since my epic chop two years ago, it’s taken me a long time to enter back into the long hair zone. And now with the all the color in my hair, growing it and keeping it healthy has been a daily battle.

Sexy Hair, who’s Big Sexy Hair collection I’m already obsessed with – their Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray has a permanent residence in my bathroom, just launched a new collection Long Sexy Hair. They also added a new Silk Finish to their Big Sexy Hair collection.

The new Long Sexy Hair collection is ideal for long hair and extensions and consists of the Color Safe Luxurious Shampoo, Color Safe Luxurious Conditioner, Luxe Detangler, Luxe Blow Out Spray and Luxe Dry Shampoo. The whole range features Moringa Oil and Biotin to nourish hair and add shine. Most of you are familiar with biotin – I even take supplements of it as a hair growth supplement. In hair products it’s used to strengthen the surface of strands and protect against breakage. Moringa Oil I’m new to but after reading about it on the internet I’m utterly impressed and not sure why this is new to my vocabulary. It has a plethora of benefits for not just hair but for skin and your overall health as well. For hair though it’s great for moisturizing the scalp and also strengthening hair by delivering important minerals and vitamins to the follicles.

Strong is Beautiful

The hair envy is real every time I see the Selena Gomez’ Pantene commercial where she’s tousling her hair back and it’s shiny and perfect! Since 1945 Pantene has been studying hair and committed to developing products for all different unique hair types with one goal in mind: healthy, beautiful hair. The brand is all about helping women around the globe be strong and shine both inside and out, which is so evident in their choice of spokespersons. Did you hear they just tapped Ronda Rousey as their new brand ambassador?

Going Blonde with Ammon Carver L’Anza Salon


Well it’s been a longtime coming. Two years ago I cut my hair and had  the bottom half bleached and dyed green, and last month I went almost all the way blonde. The first time I did an Olaplex, which is one of the original treatments that eliminates breakage from a chemical service. Basically it’s used when with the bleach when you’re getting your hair dyed to repair the bonds in your hair while the bleach is breaking them; so net-net your hair is healthy. Now, there are some additional treatments on the market, and this time I went to Ammon Carver salon (Donna Rolon is my colorist), which uses L’ANZA Healing Haircare products. L’ANZA Healing Haircare is the global leader in sustainable, organic plant-based hair color, and hair care. They launched their L’ANZA Healing ColorCare system this past September, and as some of you know I’ve been trying to go more green with my beauty regimen across the board makeup, skincare and hair.





The L’ANZA Healing ColorCare system, is a botanically-infused Color Attach System that includes a two step in salon treatment as well as two take home products to help keep your color healthy and on point.

Curl Hair While You Sleep with The Sleep Styler

the-sleep-styler-review-curlerI have a new product obsession!  As many of you may have seen on @prettyconnected’s snapchat or Instagram stories, I’ve been testing out The Sleep Styler this past week and I am obsessed!!!!!!! Now that I’ve introduced bleach into my strands I’ve been trying to minimize heating tools as to not add to the damage. The Sleep Styler is a re-invented old-school hair roller, that comes in a set of 8 plush cylinders, which require no heat and dry your hair to curl perfection overnight. They just launched kickstarter at thesleepstyler.com/kickstarter and the response has been so amazing! They had a goal of $10k and are already at $40k!!! It’s well deserved and the process could not be easier!

Step 1: Shower and wait for hair to be damp (as in about 80% dry)

Step 2: Section hair into 8 parts (or you can order 2 packs if you want more sections) and wrap damp hair around the cushioned rod and fasten with the velcro strap. I found this video helpful to roll correctly.sleep-styler-review

Step 3: Sleep (your curlers should be intact in the AM). Tip: I sleep on this memory foam silk pillow. The curlers are comfortable to sleep on as is but with a memory foam it was cloud like. And everyone should sleep on a silk pillowcase regardless everyday since it’s better for your hair since cotton can be abrasive — especially if you toss and turn a lot. the-sleep-styler-review

Step 4: Remove the curlers to release big, perfect, lush curls!

From there you can break up the curls, add hair spray or leave them as is. Day 1 hair is super glam, day 2 might have been even better. I used no product and had so much volume and a beautiful tousled wave.the-sleep-styler-shark-tank

I highly recommend joining in on the kickstarter. They are offering discounts of $33 for one set, and $48 for two. Shipments are going out this month to anywhere in the world! I’ve never encountered anything completely heatless that can create this kind of curl. And for anyone with a crazy lifestyle waking up to glam and go hair is a dream!


Learn more at thesleepstyler.com/kickstarter

Klorane Celebrates 50 Years + Blondes


Klorane’s founding product, shampoo with chamomile, has become an intergenerational legend and is a readily-shared natural lightening secret handed down from mother to daughter (awwwww). Its honey texture and flowery fragrance evoke softness, happiness, sharing, life’s moments, light and brilliance. To celebrate Klorane’s 50th birthday, the brand is renewing the entire camomile range and presenting a new addition to the family: the Sun Lighting Spray with Chamomile and honey.

John Frieda Rethinks At Home Hair Color


As a beauty blogger, hair color is that one category of hair that still baffles me. Especially since I’m neither a brunette or blonde (or red head for that matter) but with black hair I don’t have as many options but I still find it fascinating the lengths and hours spent by people have to maintain their hair color. And if there’s one major hair trend we’re seeing right now is taking salon services at home. Or at least trying to cut down the visits in between those salon visits. John Frieda has always been an innovator in the category and are pushing the boundaries even further with their “Rethink Everything Rethink Color” campaign.

Fifteen Minute Holiday Hairstyles

Holiday parties are in full swing and the endless primping and preparing can be tiresome. Don’t let the champs get to your head quite yet because with a few tips from RPZL Senior Stylist Azzy Parsiani, your holiday hair is quick and easy even with extensions. Leaving you more time to focus on gluing on your falsies (good luck with that).


Look One: Wrapped Fishtail Braid

1. Blow dry hair – NEVER leave your extensions wet! For RPZL salon-like results, use the CHI Touch 2 Touch Screen Hair Dryer, which has 3D Ion technology to reduce frizz and CHI ceramic technology to provide moist heat, keeping at a consistent temperature.

2. Straighten hair using the amika Movos Wireless (yes, really) Styler. With extensions, your natural hair might be a different texture and the Movos Styler is infrared heat technology preserves moisture and delivers smooth, shiny, and frizz-free results.

3. Pull two front pieces (of your real hair if you have extensions) towards the back of your head, twisting loosely. Make sure pulled back pieces fall loosely right above and on top of your ear resting on the top of your ear.

4. Merge to twist in the back middle of your hair clipping an RPZL glitter extension beneath the merging.(Note: RPZL glitter extensions sold in store but for clip-in color pop extensions shop HERE)

5. Fishtail braid the two merged front pieces including the glitter extension.

6. Clip an additonal color or glitter pop extension of the same color as the first where the braid starts in the middle of the back of your head, leaving it free-flowing below the braid.

BONUS: For a messy fishtail lightly pull the left and right sides of the fishtail braid for a messy lived-in look.


Look Two: Messy Side Pony

1. Curl hair. IMPORTANT: Do not spray with hairspray before running hands through hair to fill out curls. Instead follow loosening the curls with hairspray.

2. Pull one full side of curls rolling loosely towards the back, again resting the hair lightly above the top of your ear. Don’t worry about extra pieces falling in the back if you’re going for a messy look (Pictured Above).

3. Use a rubberband to hold the side ponytail

4. Cover hair tie with two finger width piece of hair wrapping it around and pinning under the pony.


Hair Goals with Living Proof


After traveling the past five weeks my hair needed some serious love. I took the quiz on Living Proof’s site and rounded up an arsenal of products I’ve been dying to try as well as some favorites that are my tried and true. As someone who travels a lot and hates committing to a large size of any product before knowing if it works for me, it makes me so happy that Living Proof offers a lot of sets and multiple sizes in their product line. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started with a travel size product and then upgraded to the largest size after testing.

living-proof-productsWhat I’ve always loved about Living Proof is their approach to hair. They develop products from the molecular level and utilize advanced scientific technologies that originated from MIT to solve the toughest hair problems. Their site is a wealth of information with tutorials and how-tos for just about every hair style. They also offer a quiz to understand your hair type and hair goals. I have thin hair, but a lot of it (so it appears thick) so I get greasy at my roots and dry at my ends. I needed a shampoo that cleanses thoroughly that lifts and doesn’t wear down my hair. After that, I need a conditioner that would hydrate my bleached ends back to life. From there I want what every girl wants, healthy, shiny, frizz-free hair — right?